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Welcome to Enchanted Bikinis® - the original princess-inspired swimwear line created for women to express their individuality and passions. Inspired by the beloved fairytale princesses we all know and love, our bikinis capture the femininity of your favorite empowered heroines, with an enchanting whimsical touch.

Each swimwear design and accessory we create is elegant, flattering, packed with detail, and designed to fit perfectly with the right amount of support. No gaping, pinching, or pulling. We use the highest quality materials, producing each original bikini in California. Our princesses look and feel amazing in our bikinis. From one-pieces to two-pieces, low and high-waist, swim-skirts, and everything in-between, we leave no stone unturned on our quest for perfection.



Our founder, Sina Faton, is a French girl who grew up inspired by fairytale princesses. As a young girl, Sina loved dressing up in the costumes her parents made for her and her sisters. Today, she still likes to dress up, not only for themed parties but also in a casual way, to bring a little magic to her everyday life. “When I dress up like my favorite princesses, I take on their personas. It makes me feel like a unique and empowered individual” says Sina.

After moving to San Diego, California, the beach became another venue for her to unleash her inner princess. She searched for enchanting swimwear to add to her wardrobe, with no success. So, Sina started her own journey, designing elegant bikinis inspired by princess dresses. Her parents helped bringing her first sample to life, and before long, Enchanted Bikinis was born.


We’ve already delivered Enchanted Bikinis® to women worldwide, helping ordinary ladies become extraordinary princesses. Shop now to experience the Enchanted Bikinis® magic for yourself. A whole new world of enchantment awaits.




Enchanted Bikinis® is not associated with The Walt Disney Company.