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Ashley S. on Oct 23, 2018

Fits great!
I always seem to have issues ordering swimsuits online but this one is perfect! I really appreciate that you offer Small sizing for your tops. The quality and overall appearance of the suit is great! I can’t wait to wear it on my Disney cruise! Thank you!

Kit M. on Apr 29, 2018

Amazing top!
The quality of this bikini top really blew me away. So comfy and cute! Totally worth the money.

Mallory on Oct 25, 2017

So cute! Really high quality!

Anna on Mar 28, 2017

Must have!
This bikini is a must have! It fits really well and it's super comfortable! The seller is really sweet and will do her best to answer any questions you might have in a very short period of time :blue_heart: I will definitely be buying from Enchanted Bikinis again :D

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Enchanted Bikinis® is a swimwear line inspired by magical characters and princesses.

Our mission is to let the princess in you glow and enchant everyone and everything around, when you wear your Enchanted bikini. We believe that every woman can feel this way without putting on a costume.

We have a lot more designs to come. You can see our newest designs on our Facebook page or on our Instagram account.